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Research Progress
· Progress in rainfall interception by sand-fixed shrubs [2016-08-25]
· How does Temperature Affect Vegetation Characteristics in the Alpine Meadow E... [2016-07-18]
· Global Climate Change Affects the Distribution Pattern and Population Dynamic... [2016-05-30]
· Researchers Discover the Thermal-moisture Dynamic Mechanism of Active Layer i... [2016-05-19]
· Scientists Reconstruct a 500-years Record of Atmospheric Mercury Deposition i... [2016-03-28]
· What Causes Desertification in China? [2016-02-26]
· Scientists Reveal the Relationship between the distribution of Soil and Landf... [2015-11-25]
· Researchers Reveal Long-term Thermal Regimes of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Emb... [2015-09-23]
· Scientists Reveal the Concentration and Source of Dissolved Organic Carbon in... [2015-09-17]
· Scientists Reveal the Hydrological Impact of Cryosphere Water Cycle on Global... [2015-06-24]
· Researchers Find Characteristics of the Glacier Change in the Yarkant River B... [2015-04-14]
· Scientists Reveal the Current Situation of Glaciers in China [2015-04-01]
· Scientists Find Natural Gas Hydrate Existing in Kunlun Pass Basin [2015-01-26]
· Diverting a River from Ecological Disaster in Northwestern China could Provid... [2014-12-18]
· Scientists Find Impact Factors on the Marine Chemicals Distribution in the Ea... [2014-12-10]
· Scientists Find the Impact Factors on Sand Hazards along the Qinghai-Tibet Ra... [2014-11-04]
· Precipitation Variations Inferred from Tree-ring Widths on the Southern Tibet... [2014-09-10]
· Scientists Research the Sand Damage Control along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway [2014-08-21]
· The Impact of the Sap Flow in Qinghai Spruce on the Microclimate and Soil Moi... [2014-07-21]
· Scientists Find Impacts of the Representative Glacier Change on Water Resourc... [2014-06-23]
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